Out-of-Country Health Services Committee and Appeal Panel

Out-of-Country Health Services Committee

The Out-of-Country Health Services Committee (OOCHSC) considers applications for funding of insured medical, oral surgical and/or hospital services that are not available in Canada. Applications must be made by Alberta physicians or dentists on behalf of eligible Alberta residents.

The OOCHSC operates at arm's length from Alberta Health and, when making funding decisions, is required to follow the legislated criteria outlined in the Out-of-Country Health Services Regulation 80/2011.

NOTE: Do not use the OOCHSC application form to submit a claim to the AHCIP for reimbursement. Read about submitting a claim to the AHCIP.

If you have questions for the Out-of-Country Health Services Committee, call 780-415-8744.

Out-of-Country Health Services Appeal Panel

If the OOCHSC denies an application for funding of insured medical, oral surgical and hospital services received outside of Canada, an appeal can be made to the Out-of-Country Health Services Appeal Panel (Appeal Panel) within 60 days of receiving the OOCHSC decision. If you have questions regarding the Appeal Panel, call 780-638-3899.

The Appeal Panel cannot hear appeals for claims denied through the AHCIP. If you have questions regarding an out-of-country claim submission for reimbursement made through the AHCIP, call the Out-of-Country Claims Unit at 780-422-1954.

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