When to cancel AHCIP card coverage

If you move out of Alberta or if an Albertan member of your family dies, contact the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) office.

Moving out of Alberta

If you are leaving Alberta, ensure your AHCIP coverage is cancelled.

  • Contact the AHCIP office with your full name, personal health care number and forwarding address or by mail or fax. Do not email this information.
  • You can also do it in-person at an authorized registry agent office.
  • You are covered by the AHCIP for the balance of the month in which you leave, and for the next two consecutive months. This ensures continuous coverage until you are eligible for health insurance in your new location.


Notify the AHCIP of the death of a family member who lived in Alberta.

  • Visit an authorized registry agent office or contact the AHCIP to have a service representative assist you. You will be asked to provide a statement of death and the Personal Health Number.
  • The Personal Health Card (AHCIP card) of a deceased person should be discarded in a secure manner