Your Alberta Personal Health Card – Carry it with you

If you are registered for coverage under the Alberta Heath Care Insurance Plan, you should show your personal health care card along with photo identification when you visit a doctor’s office or hospital in Alberta.

  • Showing your personal health care card and photo identification, proves your identity and ensures eligible Albertans receive publicly-funded health services.

Up-to-date information is key to obtaining health services. Make sure your health care registration information is current.

When and where to show your cardImage of Carry ID and Health Card

Show your personal health care card every time you request or get insured medical services from:

  • hospitals
  • doctors’ offices
  • laboratories
  • physiotherapists
  • pharmacies

If you do not show your card or are not eligible, you may be asked to pay for health services before receiving them. Also carry photo ID.

Practitioner offices

  • Patients may be asked to show their Alberta personal health care card and photo identification when visiting a practitioner office.
  • The practitioner will submit a claim to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan directly for all insured services provided.
  • If a provincial health care card is not shown or the individual is not eligible for coverage, they may be asked to pay for health services before receiving them.

Examples of services a practitioner can bill a patient for:

  1. Any service not covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.
  2. Any service provided to a patient if he/she does not have a valid Alberta health care card or number.
  3. Writing sick notes.
  4. Consultation with a patient by phone.
  5. Copying patient records.
  6. Filling out third party insurance or legal forms unless otherwise identified in the Schedule of Medical Benefits.
  7. Missed appointments.
  8. Refilling a prescription by phone.

Update your information

Albertans must update their information if there is:

  • a name and/or marital status change
  • an address change
  • dependant status change, including adding a new dependant

You can update your information by visiting an authorized registry agent office or completing the applicable Notice of Change form and sending it to Alberta Health.

Coverage across Canada / supplementary insurance

Alberta Health covers only some limited physician and hospital expenses outside Alberta. It is strongly recommended that Alberta residents carry private supplementary insurance when travelling outside of Alberta to cover unforeseen emergency care and transportation, as these costs may be significant.

Lost card, Replacement card

Sample image of Alberta personal health cardAlbertans can request a replacement card by telephone, in writing or in person. You must provide your:

  • full name
  • mailing address
  • telephone number
  • personal health care number
  • date of birth

If you visit an authorized registry agent or telephone the AHCIP, a replacement card is generally received within 1–2 weeks. If you mail or fax Alberta Health with a request, a replacement card is generally received within 4–6 weeks.

Do not request a replacement personal health care card via email. Due to the sensitive nature of the information required, do not send information or forms by email. Electronic submission is not available.

Protecting your card from damage

You are permitted to laminate your card to protect it from damage, but we recommend you put it in a plastic sleeve that fits into your wallet.

Report abuse or wrong use of a personal health care card or number

It is important to keep your personal health care card and number protected. Ensure they are used only when you are obtaining publicly funded health services.

  • If you suspect or know of someone who is not using their personal health care card properly, or is using someone else’s card or number, please call our tip-line* at 1-866-278-5104.

Any information reported is confidential. Tip-line staff will not record any identifying information about the caller if a caller wishes to remain anonymous.

*Please note: The tip-line is only for calls relating to suspected/confirmed abuse of personal health care numbers and/or cards. All other inquiries should be directed to our main customer inquiry line.

Become an organ and tissue donor

In Alberta, hundreds of people are waiting for an organ or tissue transplant. Since April 2014, more than 400,000 Albertans have registered their consent to be organ and tissue donors to help save the life or improve the life of another.

Remember to tell your family of your wishes to be an organ donor.

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