Health coverage outside Canada

Alberta Health provides two sources of funding for Albertans who wish to receive insured medical treatment outside Canada: reimbursement through the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP), or application through the Out-of-Country Health Services Committee.

Coverage under the AHCIP

Insured physician services received outside Canada are paid at the lesser of the amount claimed, or the rate an Alberta physician would be paid for that service or the most similar service.

The rate for in-patient hospital services is $100 (Canadian) per day, not including the day of discharge. The rate for outpatient services is $50 (Canadian) per day, with a limit of one visit per day. These hospital services rates are the maximum that is reimbursed for all services provided to a patient, such as room and board, nursing, laboratory and x-ray services, medical supplies and prescription drugs.

Insured hospital services must be provided by a general or auxiliary hospital. Hospital services provided in a private health facility are not eligible for reimbursement. The AHCIP does not cover food, lodging or other travel expenses.

Alberta Health covers only limited physician and hospital costs outside of Canada. It is strongly recommended that Albertans obtain private supplementary insurance when outside the province or outside Canada, as costs for services can be much higher than in Alberta.