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AHCIP forms

Important notice

Due to the sensitive nature of the information required, do not send information or forms by email. Electronic submission is not available.

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To open the PDF forms, you'll need to use the current version of Adobe Reader.

  • Problems? If your web browser does not open the PDF form, download the form (Right click and save the form to your computer / or use the PDF save option if available). Then open the saved PDF form using Adobe Reader.
  • In some cases you might need to click on the "Enable All Features" button in Adobe Reader.

Applying for a health care card or making a change 

Group forms 


To avoid using an outdated form, we recommend you do not save any form. If you need a form, check these pages to ensure you have the most current version of the form.

More information

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan forms are for you to download, print and fill in by hand, or fill in on your computer and print. You can also get some of the forms from an authorized registry agent or contact us to get a form or for more information.