Health legislation

Over 30 laws and 100 schedules of regulations, rules, standards and bylaws govern health care in Alberta.See the list below.

More information, visit the Legislative Assembly of Alberta website.

Acts and regulations

ABC Benefits Corporation Act

Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Act

Alberta Evidence Act

Alberta Health Act

Alberta Health Care Insurance Act

Alberta Research and Innovation Act

Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act

Charitable Donation of Food Act

Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act

Crown's Right of Recovery Act

Drug Program Act

Emergency Health Services Act

Emergency Medical Aid Act

Family Support for Children with Disabilities Act

Government Organization Act

Health Care Protection Act

Health Disciplines Act

Health Facilities Accountabilities Statutes Amendment Act

Health Governance Transition Act

Health Information Act

Health Insurance Premiums Act

Health Professions Act

Health Quality Council of Alberta Act

Hospitals Act

Human Tissue And Organ Donation Act

Income and Employment Supports Act

Mandatory Testing And Disclosure Act

Mental Health Act

M.S.I. Foundation Act

Nursing Homes Act

Pharmacy and Drug Act

Protection Of Children Abusing Drugs Act

Provincial Health Authorities of Alberta Act

Protection for Persons in Care Act

Public Health Act

Regional Health Authorities Act

Seniors Benefit Act

Skin Cancer Prevention (Artificial Tanning) Act

Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act

Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act

Health standards

Ministerial Orders / Orders in Council


Approved hospitals