Sexually Transmitted Infections

In Canada, some of the highest rates and increases in sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STI or STD) are in young people 1524 years of age. If you are having sex, or thinking about having sex, you need to know how to avoid STIs.

2013: Sex Germs

Gonorrhea is on the rise. The Sex Germs public awareness campaign encourages young adults to practise safe sex and reduce their risk of sexually transmitted infections. Watch the Germ Date video and  find out more about STI at

2011: Don't you get it

Albertans are urged to take preventive measures to reduce high rates of sexually transmitted infections.

Don't You Get It Female ad

Don't You Get It Male ad

Washroom posters

For more information, go to the Syphilis campaign website at

Universal prenatal syphilis rescreening

Alberta has enhanced the syphilis screening component of the Prenatal Screening Program for Selected Communicable Diseases to ensure that pregnant women with infectious syphilis and their babies are identified and treated as soon as possible. Earlier diagnosis and treatment of syphilis in a pregnant mother can prevent infection in the newborn child and reduce the consequences of syphilis infection in the baby.

All pregnant women should be screened for syphilis early in pregnancy, and again at the time of giving birth. In addition, some pregnant women identified as being at high-risk for syphilis infection should be screened more frequently.

Help and resources

Call the STI/HIV Information Line at 1-800-772-2437, to speak to a nurse during normal business hours.