Choosing your family doctor

image of a familyWhen faced with a medical problem, many people feel frightened and unsure of whom to trust. A family doctor can help with the wide range of health problems that may affect any family member, form babies to senior citizens.

In the event of a serious medical problem, you can rely upon your family doctor's good advice about tests, specialists and treatments. This information will help you make more informed health decisions.

During visits for medical problems, your family doctor can also help you make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent future problems.

Trust in your family doctor will build as time passes. You and your family will benefit as your doctor gets to know you.

Your family doctor can help

Family doctors can assist in all areas of your family's health. They care for pregnant women, babies, children, adults and seniors. They offer help with any illness, injury or health question. Family doctors give most of their care in homes and offices, but also work in hospitals.

There are real benefits when a doctor cares for all family members. Many problems including illness, substance abuse, hardship and injury can affect the whole family.

You will want to be able to talk openly and honestly about any matter with your family doctor. To do this, your doctor may need an understanding of your language and culture.

Look for a family doctor who:

  1. Understands, respects, and answers your questions.
  2. Helps you and your family feel comfortable to be open and honest.
  3. Is available for your problems on an ongoing basis.

As you and your family doctor get to know each other, a bond of trust develops.

This relationship will become even stronger over time through sharing kindness and respect.

The feeling of confidence in your family's health that you will gain from your family doctor's high quality of care will be a comfort.

Find a family doctor

  • Find a doctor in Alberta
  • Ask a respected friend or relative for the name of a family doctor.
  • Ask a person working at your local hospital or ask other health workers.