Dental fees in Alberta

Dental health is†an†important part of your overall health.†It's important to know you are getting value for the dental services provided by your dentist and hygienist regardless if you have supplementary health benefits or not.

Dental Fee Guide

A review of dental fees in Alberta found that fees are higher and rising faster than in other jurisdictions across Canada, all of which have a fee guide. To address this concern, the Alberta government and the Alberta Dental Association and College are developing a fee guide so Albertans can better compare prices and make well-informed decisions about their dental care.

Stay tuned for more information.

Get a quote

Before any dental service is given, you can get a quote for how much it will cost. You can go to more than one dentist and get several cost estimates for the dental services you need.

As an example, a regular dental checkup involves reviewing your medical history and evaluating the structure of your head and neck, both inside and outside of your mouth. A checkup often includes the following services at an average total cost of $368.88:

  • Examination and diagnosis
  • Intraoral radiograph, bitewing (2 images)
  • Scaling (2 units)
  • Polishing (1 unit)
  • Topical Fluoride

Payment for dental services

If you need dental care, itís important to:

  1. Obtain several cost estimates for the dental services you need.
  2. Compare prices. The Alberta Average Dental Fee Report  lists commonly used dental services, the average price for each service and a fee range.
  3. Contact your insurance provider to determine whatís covered by your insurance and how much youíll need to pay.

Contact information

  • If you have supplementary health care benefits, contact your insurance provider.
  • Low-income Albertans can call 310-0000
  • Seniors who receive dental services through the seniors dental assistance program, call 1-877-644-9992

Dental services for low-income Albertans are provided through government-sponsored programs: