Interactive health data and dashboards

IHDA data and geographic website

The Interactive Health Data Application (IHDA) website provides information in data table and interactive map formats on health status and determinants of health of Albertans.

The IHDA contains many health statistics (indicators) on a variety of health-related topics such as demographics, mortality, chronic and infectious disease, and children's health.

The IHDA site also has interactive map displays of some health data (health status, determinants of health, etc.) based on geographic locations across Alberta.

Health economics dashboards

These interactive dashboards provide a graphic view of health information comparing Alberta to other provinces, territories and countries. The multi-year interprovincial comparisons include:
  • Provincial government health spending
  • Key economic indicators compared to provincial government health spending
  • Health sector expenditures, such as: hospitals, drugs, physicians, etc.
  • Fee-for-service physician payments and services
  • Distribution of population by age and gender

The dashboards also include a single year of international comparison of key health indicators.