Alberta’s Pandemic Influenza Plan

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Alberta’s Pandemic Influenza Plan 2014 (APIP) was developed by Alberta Health, Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) and Alberta Health Services (AHS). The provincial plan will guide the response and recovery efforts during a pandemic with an emphasis on how these organizations work together. Pandemic influenza planning and preparedness activities are equally important and are incorporated into all-hazards planning as a continuing part of the emergency management cycle.

  • Read Alberta's Pandemic Influena Plan 2014PDF icon – The 2014 APIP replaces the Alberta’s Plan for Pandemic Influenza (2009), the Alberta Pandemic Influenza Operations plan (2008) and the AHS Pandemic Influenza Plan (2010).

The APIP is reviewed and revised regularly to reflect current knowledge and leading practices. It aligns with the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan (CPIP) and supports coordination between the Government of Alberta and AHS pandemic operational plans. It also serves as a reference for local authorities, business and industry and other stakeholder pandemic operational plans.

The 2014 APIP is significantly updated from the 2009 APIP based on recommendations put forward by the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) on lessons learned from the 2009 pH1N1 influenza pandemic.

Ethical framework for responding to pandemic influenza

Alberta’s Ethical Framework for Responding to Pandemic Influenza PDF icon is a resource to help planners and strategic policymakers consider the ethical implications of decisions they face in a pandemic.

Public health ethics focuses on the health and interests of a population and are distinct from clinical ethics which focus on the health and interests of the individual. This framework is not intended for use in making clinical ethical decisions. For more information on clinical ethics, go to Alberta Health Services’ Clinical Ethics Service.

Alberta’s Ethical Framework for Responding to Pandemic Influenza is based on the extensive work completed by Alberta, British Columbia and the United Kingdom. It is based on a consistent and well-recognized set of principles and outlines a transparent and clear process to assess potential choices.

As Alberta’s planning for pandemic influenza evolves, Alberta’s Ethical Framework for Responding to Pandemic Influenza will be reviewed and updated to reflect new learnings.