Alberta's plan for pandemic influenza

We're prepared

Pandemic Influenza logoDuring an influenza pandemic, all Albertans – including those who provide essential services and health care – will be at risk of getting ill. The provincial plan to prepare for an influenza pandemic will reduce the impact of the disease but not eliminate it.

Alberta has a response plan for pandemic influenza. The Government of Alberta has been preparing the health system and the province for an influenza pandemic since 1999. The work is led by Alberta Health and Wellness and the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). The work involves a range of partners, including other provincial ministries, Alberta Health Services (AHS), municipalities, first responders, and professional organizations.

Alberta’s plan for pandemic influenza is being reviewed and updated to incorporate both the planning that was completed and the lessons learnt during the Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 response.

The goal of Alberta’s plan is to reduce illness and death due to influenza and minimize disruptions to the daily life of Albertans. The revised plan will be posted when available.