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Infection prevention and control

Did you know?

  • About 220,000 Canadians develop hospital-acquired infections per year, and about 8000 die from them annually.
  • The cost of caring for a patient with a hospital-acquired infection ranges from $2000 to $20,000.
  • Bacteria and viruses can live on a variety of surfaces for hours or months and possibly even years.

An essential step in staying healthy is to know how to control and prevent infections whether in a hospital, a school, the workplace, or at home. Some important activities to help protect you from getting an infection, or stop you from spreading an infection, include:

"Working together to prevent and control infections…everyone has a role!" ~ Vision from the Alberta Infection Prevention and Control Strategy

The Infection Prevention and Control Team at Alberta Health provides strategic direction and leadership in the development of provincial infection prevention and control policies, strategies and standards.

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