Alberta Health Charter

The Alberta Health Charter outlines principles to guide the health system and sets out fundamental expectations and responsibilities within the health system.

The Alberta Health Act reinforces that the Government of Alberta is committed to the principles of the Canada Health Act. The Alberta Health Act calls for the adoption of a Health Charter. The Health Charter sets out the values that describe the health system Albertans want now and in the future.

Benefit to Albertans

The Alberta Health Charter:

  • Sets out key responsibilities for all stakeholders, including individuals and families, in the  healthcare system;
  • Guides healthcare providers, organizations and government in delivering high quality health services;
  • Is used as an educational and aspirational tool for healthcare providers, organizations, government and Albertans on what to expect from the healthcare system; and
  • Provides the basis for the Alberta Health Advocate to receive complaints from Albertans.

Although the Health Charter is educational and aspirational, it is extremely important to set out Albertans key values and aims for the health care system for all to see. The Health Charter will be used to lay the foundation for the health care system for Alberta.

The Health Charter cannot be used to deny access to health services or to gain inappropriate access.