HTA provincial reviews – ongoing and complete

This page contains links to reports produced through Alberta Health Evidence Reviews and through the former Alberta Health Technologies Decision Process. Updates are provided when available.

These reports were produced for Alberta Health by the following partner organizations: the Institute of Health Economics, the University of Alberta, and the University of Calgary. The conclusions presented in the reports are solely those of the partner organizations that produced the reports and do not represent the policies or position of the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health, or any other agency.

Ongoing provincial HTA reviews

  1. Robotic Assisted Surgery – Stage: Health Technology Assessment
  2. Ex vivo Lung Perfusion – Stage: Health Technology Assessment
  3. Palliative and End of Life Care – Stage: Scope Definition
  4. Endovascular Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke – Stage: Health Technology Assessment

Featured HTA review

  • Featured review – Endovascular Therapy For Ischemic Stroke
  • Conducted by – Institute of Health Economics
  • Client – Endovascular Therapy Provincial Implementation Working Group
  • Objective – To determine how best to provide ETIS in Alberta.
  • Methodology – Systematic literature reviews, grey literature review, consultation with expert advisory group, economic analysis and modeling.
  • Findings – The optimal model for providing EVT in Alberta combine two treatment and transportation strategies based on the geographical location of stroke onset.
  • Outcome – A new provincial EVT delivery model was designed to optimize care based on the geographic location of stroke onset. Click here to see the full review.

Completed provincial HTA reviews

Note: All reports are in PDF or linked to external websites with the document.