Health research in Alberta

Access to administrative health data

Alberta Health is the custodian of extensive, but not exhaustive, administrative data/information about the health system in Alberta. The Analytics and Performance Reporting Branch at Alberta Health processes internal and external data requests to support research, planning, policy development, and quality improvement projects.

Submitting a request for data

Research requests for academic research with research ethics board approval

Email with:

Information requests for planning, policy development, quality improvement

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Additional information on the process is available in the Research Request Process

Details on data disclosure are included in the Data Disclosure Guidelines

Data assets

A number of linkable administrative datasets are available to support Research and Information Requests. The Overview of Administrative Health Datasets PDF icon provides details of these datasets:

  1. Alberta Blue Cross Claims, from 1994 Data primarily on seniors and their dependents
  2. Alberta Continuing Care Information System (ACCIS), from 2010 Includes Long-Term Care & Community Care (From Apr 1, 2011)  This dataset is currently considered incomplete
  3. Ambulatory Care, from 1997 Includes Emergency Department visits and Day Procedures
  4. Inpatient, from 1993 Discharge Abstract Database/Hospital Morbidity
  5. Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN) Dispenses, from 2008 Pharmacy dispenses (no financial information)
  6. Population Registry, from 1993 Includes basic demographic and geographic information
  7. Practitioner Claims, from 1994 Fee-for-Service and Shadow-billed claims
  8. Vital Statistics, Births, from 2005 With authorization from Service Alberta
  9. Vital Statistics, Deaths, from 1999 With authorization from Service Alberta
  10. Longitudinal Demographic Profile, from 2000 Demographics, service utilization, chronic diseases, CRGs, costs

Commonly Requested Data Elements lists data elements and their descriptions that are frequently requested. This point-and-click workbook can be used to develop preliminary data specifications, which should be included along with the application form to initiate a request.

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