Healthy children and youth past initiatives


Raising Children website

Alberta Education led a cross-ministry group composed of representatives from Children and Youth Services, Health and Wellness, and Alberta Health Services to develop a life event section on the Programs and Services website called “Raising Children.”

  • On April 1, 2010, the Raising Children website was launched. In 2016, it was removed.

The Raising Children website provided parents, families, and care providers with easy-to-use access to information to ensure young children in their care have the resources to achieve success, fulfillment and realize their potential.


More than $30 million in funding was announced September 28, 2006 for 7 new programs that were to help put children and youth on a path to lifelong health. These initiatives included a screening program to detect conditions in newborns, programs to promote healthy weights and an award for healthy school communities.

These initiatives, which were budgeted at $30.6 million over 3years, included:

  • Pre-school Developmental Screening
  • Newborn Metabolic Screening
  • Healthy Weights Coordinators
  • Child and Youth Nutrition Guidelines
  • Health Weights Social Marketing Campaign
  • Wellness Fund for Healthy School Communities
  • Healthy School Communities Award

These initiatives supported the Alberta government's "Getting on With Better Health Care" package released in the summer of 2005.


Pre-school developmental screening

  • $3 million per year over three years. The program was to fund at least 3 demonstration projects to encourage innovative approaches to screen, assess and provide intervention to preschool children with learning and developmental delays.

Newborn metabolic screening

  • $1.67 million year one and $865,000 for each of the next 2 years for the newborn metabolic screening program to be expanded to screen for a total of 17 metabolic conditions in newborns, as well as cystic fibrosis.

Healthy weights

Regional health promotion coordinators for healthy weights

  • $2.7 million per year over three years. Funding was available to health regions for health promotion professionals to facilitate innovative community-based approaches to promote healthy weights for children and youth.

Child and youth nutrition guidelines

  • $500,000. Guidelines were developed to help organizations and facilities offer healthy food choices for youth and children.

Healthy weights social marketing campaign

  • $2 million per year over 3 years. Targeted strategies, initiatives and a campaign to increase awareness and positively influence healthy eating and active living behaviours among children and youth.

Wellness fund for Healthy School Communities

  • $1 million per year. The program supported innovative initiatives that promoted healthy living in school communities.
  • Note: The school Wellness Fund is still active and applications are found at

Healthy School Communities award

  • An awards program was developed to recognize healthy living initiatives in school communities. $200,000 annually.