Improving patient care

An amending agreement signed on November 1, 2016, by the Alberta government, the Alberta Medical Association and Alberta Health Services will potentially save up to $500 million in tax dollars over 2 years while improving access to quality care.

Key points in the amending agreement include:

  • a needs-based Physician Resource Plan that will help place doctors in the communities that need them;
  • primary care improvements, including new information technology and data-sharing;
  • new compensation models for some primary-care physicians, as well as academic physicians, to reward time and quality of care given to patients rather than just the number of services provided;
  • new physician peer review and accountability mechanisms; and
  • the linking of certain benefits and compensation increases to performance on other cost-saving measures.

Physician resource planning

Through the amending agreement, a needs-based Physician Resource Plan will be developed. The plan will identify the supply, distribution and cost of physician resources that Albertans need.