Pharmaceutical Strategy Phase 2

Phase 2, announced October 20, 2009, focuses on generic drug prices and expanding the roles of pharmacists.

Phase 2 of the strategy includes:

  1. Reducing the price of generic drugs
    • Prices for new generic drugs will be reduced from 75% of a brand name drug price to 45%.
  2. Providing faster access to new, innovative drugs and reduce costs
    • Alberta will negotiate contracts, known as product listing agreements, with brand name drug manufacturers.
  3. Expanding the role of pharmacists to better meet the needs of patients
    • Government will work closely with Alberta pharmacists and pharmacies to have pharmacists spend more time using their knowledge and skill to counsel and advise patients.
  4. A comprehensive transition plan, which includes $5 million for rural and remote pharmacies and a transitional allowance for all pharmacies for 3 years
    • Developed to help support pharmacies as they shift their focus from dispensing prescription drugs to providing more professional services.

Read the fact sheets below for more details.

Fact sheets Phase 2, updated January 28, 2010