Tobacco reduction strategy 2012–2022

Creating tobacco-free futures

Creating Tobacco-Free Futures: Alberta’s Strategy to Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Use, 2012–2022 PDF icon  outlines a long-range plan to help Albertans avoid and quit using tobacco products. Over the next 3 years, the Strategy will focus on:
  1. Introducing legislation restricting the sale of flavoured tobacco;
  2. Introducing provincial legislation to prohibit tobacco sales to minors;
  3. Enacting legislation to protect children from second-hand smoke in vehicles;
  4. Increasing social marketing around the harms associated with tobacco use;
  5. Enhancing tobacco cessation training for health professionals; and
  6. Expanding workplace, school-based and community tobacco-cessation programs.

Other initiatives that government will consider over the next 10 years include point-of-sale health warning signage, tobacco tax increases, further restrictions on smoking in public areas, and expanding the availability of tobacco cessation products and resources.

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