Annualized Clinical ARP Model

Annualized Clinical ARP compensation is based on the number of physician full-time equivalents (FTE) required to deliver the direct and indirect clinical services within the Clinical ARP.

A FTE is a time-based unit of measure, for example, hours per year. This annualized model compensates physicians for the delivery of program services based on a pre-determined payment rate to targeted patient groups per FTE per year. Annualized Clinical ARPs are the most common within Alberta.

Annualized Clinical ARP set up

Once your Annualized Clinical ARP has been approved by the Minister, an authorized representative must submit these 2 forms to register and operationalize your Annualized Clinical ARP:

Clinical ARP forms

Physician information

Individual physicans should use the forms above to appy for or terminate relationships.

  • Physicians not registered by Alberta Health must send the following documents to Practitioner Registry and acquire a Practitioner ID before registering with a Clinical ARP:
    • Form AHC11234 Practitioner Information Form
    • Submit copy of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) Practice Permit and Registration of Undertaking and Acknowledgement
    • Submit copy of Specialty Letter, if applicable. Physician can obtain a copy from the CPSA.

The Authorized Representative of a Clinical ARP has the right to terminate a Participating Physician/locum physician by signing an LOT on his or her behalf.

  • Original copies of completed LOPs/LOTs/Locum Letters must be mailed to Alberta Health.
  • Copies of LOPs/LOTs/Locum Letters are accepted for process.
  • Copies of LOPs/LOTs/Locum Letters must also be sent to Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Medical Association.