Conducting health business electronically using H-Link

H-Link is an electronic communication system that connects clients' computers to Alberta Health' mainframe. H-Link is used to send claim and billing information between Alberta Health and its clients including:

  • Practitioners or service bureaus who claim fees; and
  • Alberta Health Services (regions) and provinces that exchange reciprocal data.

H-Link is an easy, fast, efficient way of doing business for both Alberta Health and its clients.

Service providers (such as physicians and their staff) and service bureaus who submit claims on behalf of service providers are some of those who use H-Link. To submit transactions using H-Link, users must go through an accreditation approval process with Alberta Health and become an accredited submitter.

There no fee to use H-Link

Alberta Health does not charge clients to become accredited submitters or to send or retrieve information via H-Link. Connection to H-Link is achieved via Internet access. The cost of acquiring appropriate communication software and hardware is each submitter's responsibility.

How to become an accredited submitter

To become accredited for submission of claims, please complete the H-Link application form and return it to Alberta Health.

Important notice

The application for submitter role form AHC2210 indicates that forms AHC2208, Access Administrator, and AHC2209, External User Request, must also be completed. However:

  • The completion of the additional forms are only required for users who need to obtain a FOB token key for access to H-Link.
  • If you are using a vendor that provides a secure site, known as Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) then only the AHC2210 form is necessary.

The form is reviewed for completeness to ensure all predefined specifications have been included. Applications are reviewed according to predetermined requirements. Once approved, accredited submitters are also required to carry out the responsibilities described in our Electronic Claims Submission Specifications Manual.

What accreditation gives you

Accreditation provides the following:

  • Grants the prospective applicant a submitter role and a submitter prefix;
  • Allows the applicant the ability to send and retrieve files to and from Alberta Health;
  • Allows the applicant to send specific types of transactions to Alberta Health for processing; and
  • Allows the applicant to retrieve reports, letters and other data electronically from Alberta Health as specified through accreditation.

The accreditation process does not accredit claim billing and reconciliation software or the data content of claim files you send to Alberta Health. As an accredited submitter, you are responsible for data verification, billing and reconciliation software, as well as any hardware that may be required.

Become an accredited submitter or stay with existing submitter

A service provider may choose to become an accredited submitter or have an accredited submitter send claims on their behalf; the choice is yours.

Number of claims per batch

There is no minimum number of claims, you can submit one claim if you wish.

Technical requirements for using H-Link

To effectively communicate with Alberta Health, use the following technical specifications:

  1. Software requirements
    • Internet Explorer 10 or greater (browser available for free from Microsoft)
    • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Not recommended for Windows Home versions or Mac Emulation
    • For claims transmission, claims billing software is required
  2. Minimum hardware requirements
    • i5-2400 3.0 GHz computer with Windows 7 Professional
    • 4.0 Gb of RAM
    • High speed Internet connection
  3. A security access device is issued by Alberta Health and used to log on to the H-Link network.

Using your own claims billing software

You may design your own billing software. Approval from Alberta Health is not required and therefore Alberta Health will not provide technical support for your billing hardware. However, all files sent to Alberta Health must be in a format as described in the Electronic Claims Submission Specifications Manual.

Test your H-Link connection

After you have completed your application forms, Alberta Health will send you a Submitter Start-up Package. This package will include log-on information and a Secure log-on device (key fob).

The accreditation process is complete after testing has completed successfully. Applicants using vendor compliant software are not required to test.

More information

Contact H-Link

Alberta Health
H-Link Administration
Information Technology and Operations Branch
Box 1360, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2N3

  • In Edmonton, 780-644-7643
  • Outside Edmonton, toll-free, 310-0000, then 780-644-7643
  • Email: health.hlink@gov.ab.ca