Western Canada Immunization Forum 2014

March 5–6, 2014, Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta

The 2014 Western Canada Immunization Forum (WCIF) was made possible by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and the Government of Alberta on March 5 and 6, 2014, at the Fantasyland Hotel. The primary audience was immunization providers, managers and policy makers from Western and Northern Canada.

Videos and/or presentation slides from the morning plenary or afternoon breakout sessions are below.

WCIF 2014 presentations, Day 1

Wednesday, March 5

Morning plenary

New Developments in Immunization Strategies

  1. Martin Lavoie – National Immunization StrategyPDF icon – Watch video
  2. Kathy Ness – Alberta Immunization StrategyPDF icon – Watch video
  3. Tim Hilderman – Manitoba Immunization StrategyPDF icon – Watch video

Vaccine Hesitancy and Ethics: Can We Talk?

  1. Jim Kellner – Vaccines, Too Many or Not Enough?PDF icon – Watch video
  2. Taj Jadavji – Vaccine Hesitancy and Health PromotionPDF icon – Watch video
  3. Eric Wasylenko – Can Ethics Help?PDF icon – Watch video

Afternoon breakout sessions

  1. Session #1: Influenza – Disease, Vaccines, and Policies
  2. Session #2: Meningococcal – Success with C, Update on B
  3. Session #3: Communicating About Immunization in the 21st Century 
  4. Session #4: Pneumococcal Topics – Existing Schedules and a Potential Adult Program

Afternoon plenary

Current Program Issues: Low Coverage and Vaccine Safety

  1. Kristin Klein – Contributors to Low Vaccine CoveragePDF icon
  2. Julie Bettinger – Vaccine Safety Monitoring: Results from IMPACT, Influenza Safety, PCIRNPDF icon
  3. Monika Naus – Vaccine Safety and Causality Assessment in a NutshellPDF icon

WCIF 2014 presentations, Day 2

Thursday, March 6

Morning plenary

  1. HPV – The Current Scene in Canada
  2. Vaccine Research Update
  3. Immunization Rates: Analysis and Evaluation

Afternoon breakout sessions

  1. Session #5: How to Keep it Cool: Vaccine Management
  2. Session #6: Short supply? Why? Inventory Challenges, Innovations and Opportunities
  3. Session #7: Super Immunizer: Competent, Communicating and Ready for Anything!
  4. Session #8: HPV vaccine success – Small Pain, Big Gain

Afternoon plenary