Health care aide programs in Alberta

To become certified as a health care aide in Alberta, you must complete a recognized health care aide program. You can apply for entry into a heath care aid program at any licensed post-secondary institution offering the 2010 provincial curriculum.

Contact these posted-secondary institutions directly for program information including course length, format, and tuition cost.

Public post-secondary educational institutions

Private post-secondary educational institutions

Training programs offered by employer organizations

Employer organizations with a valid licensing agreement with Alberta Health can use the curriculum for in-service training of their employees at their place of employment. Training administered through an employer may be used towards competency acquisition and skills maintenance. Individuals seeking academic credit towards certification as a health care aide must register in a program offered at a post-secondary institution.

More Information

For more information, call the HHR Planning and Strategy Branch of Alberta Health at 780-415-0213 in Edmonton, or toll-free 310-0000 then 780-415-0213.

Updated: June 12, 2018