Alberta Immunization Policy

The Alberta Immunization Policy (AIP) outlines the policies for providing publicly-funded immunizations in Alberta.


The AIP contains a complete listing of publicly-funded vaccines and biologicals, and indications for their use.

  • The AIP is revised as new research and national recommendations become available –
    • always referencing the current version
    • check this page regularly for updates
  • Check the Canadian Immunization Guide for more information about immunization.
  • Read Alberta’s routine immunization schedule

Immunization policy changes

The Alberta government is introducing new requirements that will standardize practices for all immunization providers, regardless of whether a vaccine is provincially funded or privately purchased

The Immunization Regulation:

  • requires health practitioners to report immunizations and assessments electronically to Alberta Health within a week – effective January 1, 2021
  • requires health practitioners to report adverse events following immunization to Alberta Health Services within 3 days of becoming aware – effective December 17, 2018
  • sets out requirements for the storage, handling and transportation of vaccines – effective December 17, 2018

The regulation will improve the effectiveness and responsiveness of Alberta’s immunization program and was supported by regulatory bodies and stakeholders involved in the consultative process.


Public Health Act
Immunization Regulation

AIP documents

  • All current Alberta Immunization Policy documents are hosted on Open Alberta

AIP updates

Introduction to AIP

Immunization schedules

General principles

Access for biological products after hours

Biological products

Special situations for immunization

Adverse Event Following Immunization Policy

The Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) Policy for Alberta Immunization Providers document provides AEFI reporting guidance for Alberta immunizers. Data from AEFI reports contribute to provincial immunization program evaluation as well as to the national AEFI surveillance.

History of immunization in Alberta

Vaccine codes

Vaccine storage and handling management

The Alberta Vaccine Storage and Handling Policy for Provincially Funded Vaccine provides vaccine cold chain storage and handling management guidelines for Alberta immunizers who provide publicly funded vaccine.

Procedure for Alberta Health Services (all community providers excluding pharmacy)

Information on how to report a temperature excursion (cold chain break) is included in the Alberta Health Services Standard for Vaccine Storage and Handling.

See the Immunization Regulation for specific timeline parameters for reporting of temperature excursions (cold chain breaks).

Procedure for pharmacy

In the event of a temperature excursion (cold chain break) for both provincially funded and privately purchased vaccine, contact the manufacturer for viability determination. See the Immunization Regulation for specific timeline parameters.

Refer to the Alberta Vaccine Storage and Handling Policy for Provincially Funded Vaccine for information on vaccine storage and handling.

Contact the Ministry of Health

Nurse Consultant Immunization
Fax: 780-422-6663

For more information on cold chain practices, see the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Cold Chain Management Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines

Influenza Immunization Policy

Pharmacy immunization services