Providing care for Syrian refugees and billing information

Syrian refugees arriving in Alberta will immediately have access to health care services.

Until they receive their Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan health care card, refugees will be covered for up to one year under the Government of Canada’s Interim Federal Health Program. This program repays the cost of care to health-care providers, such as doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies.

Reimbursement under the Interim Federal Health Program

To be reimbursed for services provided under the Interim Federal Health Program, health-care providers must:

  • be registered Medavie Blue Cross providers
  • determine client eligibility before providing services
  • submit claims

Information for pharmacists

Prescription medications listed on the Alberta Drug Benefit List will be covered for Syrian refugees for up to 12 months under the Interim Federal Health Program.

Reimbursement instructions


Resources for health professionals who are working with Syrian refugees, including translated materials and practice guides are available on the Alberta Health Services website.