Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) benefits

Learn what benefits, equipment and supplies are covered and what things are not covered under the AADL program.

What is covered

Benefits provided through AADL include:

  • aural rehabilitation
  • back and abdominal supports
  • bathing and toileting equipment*
  • burn garments
  • compression stockings and garments
  • custom-made footwear
  • custom-made ocular prostheses**
  • hearing aids and FM systems
  • homecare beds and accessories*
  • incontinence supplies (diapers and catheters)
  • injection supplies (not provided for insulin injections)
  • laryngectomy equipment and supplies
  • breast prostheses**
  • orthotic braces (not foot orthotics) **
  • ostomy supplies
  • oxygen
  • patient lifters*
  • pressure reduction overlays
  • prosthetic devices**
  • respiratory equipment and supplies*
  • shoe elevations
  • specialized pediatric equipment*
  • specialized seating devices
  • speech generating communication devices
  • therapeutic shoes with custom modifications
  • transfer aids
  • walkers and walking aids
  • wheelchair cushions and accessories
  • wheelchairs manual and power*

* Equipment might not be new.

** All seniors in Alberta who receive prosthetic, orthotic, mastectomy prosthesis and eye prosthesis benefits through the AADL program receive these benefits at no cost. This includes seniors who are currently receiving these benefits as well as those who will be applying for them in the future.

What is not covered

AADL does not provide coverage for:

  • foot orthotics
  • eyeglasses
  • prescription drugs
  • dental care or dentures

Seniors may be eligible for financial assistance with these items through other programs.

Equipment and supplies

Once assessed by an AADL Authorizer, clients will be provided with a list of up to 3 AADL approved vendors from which to obtain medical equipment or supplies.

If clients are assessed by a specialty supplier, they will supply the benefit.

Benefit limits

A maximum number of benefits are available each year. AADL will review requests for more than the maximum number through an appeal.

Some benefits may be upgraded to a more expensive item, but you are responsible for paying the additional amount. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please speak to your authorizer or specialty supplier.