Homecare beds and accessories

Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) provides eligible Albertans with homecare beds, mattresses, rails, over-the-bed tables, and trapeze bars through Eco Medical Equipment.

Beds and accessories are provided as a package or individual items. A bed package includes a homecare bed (power), a pressure reduction mattress, and bed rails.

  • This equipment is not provided to persons in acute care facilities or continuing care centres.
  • Equipment may be new or recycled.

Eligibility requirements

 The recipient must be an Alberta resident with a valid Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan card and:

  • requires equipment due to a long-term disability, chronic illness or terminal illness,
  • spends 80% of their time in bed and/or are end-stage palliative, and
  • has been assessed by an AADL Authorizer.

Steps to obtain a bed

  1. The individual is assessed by an AADL Authorizer and eligibility for equipment is determined.
  2. Correct equipment is identified.
  3. Client signs declaration form.
  4. Client pays cost-share portion, if appropriate.
  5. Equipment is delivered.

Client responsibility

The client (their family, trustee/guardian) is responsible to ensure reasonable care and maintenance of AADL-supplied equipment. The client is responsible for replacing equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged due to misuse.


The AADL program retains full ownership of the equipment. The equipment is not for resale and must be returned to the vendor, Eco Medical Equipment, in the following circumstances:

  1. The equipment is no longer required, for whatever reason.
  2. The equipment needs to be replaced by AADL.
  3. The person using the equipment moves out of Alberta.
  4. If, for any reason, the person becomes ineligible for the benefit.

Once the equipment is no longer required, contact Eco Medical Equipment to arrange pick up. Call toll-free within Alberta at 1-800-232-9450 or in Edmonton at 780-483-6232.

Cost sharing

AADL is a cost-share program. Clients are required to contribute 25% of the approved benefit amount, up to a maximum of $500 per individual (family) per benefit year (July 1 to June 30).


  • Total Bed Package Cost = $1,000
  • Client Cost (cost sharing at 25%) =  $250
  • AADL Cost =  $750

Eco Medical Equipment will call the contact person on the authorization form to request payment of the cost-share portion before delivery. AADL assists with funding costs for repairs and maintenance resulting from normal wear.

Cost-share exemption

Low-income Albertans and those receiving income assistance may be exempt from cost sharing.

Clients can appeal their cost-share status if cost sharing will create a financial hardship.

Refusing ordered equipment

By signing the Client Declaration form, the client or their designate acknowledges that:                      

  1. the equipment was ordered on their behalf;
  2. there is space for the equipment in the home;
  3. they are aware cost-share charges are due, as applicable, once the equipment leaves Eco Medial Equipment.

If the equipment is refused, AADL will not resupply for at least 6 months. If the client and/or the family require the equipment be re-ordered, they must submit a letter which outlines why the equipment was initially refused and what circumstances have changed that now allow them to accept the equipment.

  • If there is a second refusal of the equipment, AADL will not provide the benefit again.

If there is an unexpected change and the bed is no longer required, please contact Eco Medical Equipment at 1-800-232-9450 or in Edmonton at 780-483-6232 immediately to prevent being charged for the cost-share.


Authorizer An AADL authorizer is a health care professional (occupational therapist (OT), physical therapist (PT) or registered nurse (RN), who assesses a clients medical needs and eligibility for AADL benefits.

Palliative client A client is deemed palliate if they are in the end stage of illness when care is focused on symptom relief and not a cure. Palliative equipment orders may be faxed to AADL and will receive priority attention when received.

Recycle vendor A recycle vendor is an AADL-approved vendor contracted to supply, maintain, store and recycle large recyclable equipment.