E-Business information for AADL vendors

1. Hours of availability for the AADL E-Business site

E-Business is available from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday including government holidays.

2. What E-Business is used for

Alberta Aids to Daily Living’s (AADL) E-Business is a web application that allows you the ability to perform a number of tasks on E-Business based on your security permissions. E-Business is used to:

  • Access current AADL policies and program changes, including the Bulletins and other communications.
  • View client information, including the client’s cost-share status and when AADL benefits were last received (excluding consumables).
  • Submit claims on-line and inquire on the status of claims.
  • Specialty vendors can submit and update authorizations on-line and inquire on the status of authorizations. All vendors can view authorizations.
  • Specialty vendors can add a client to the AADL program.
  • All vendors can update the client’s information.

3. Fix a mistake on a claim

Unfortunately, you cannot correct the claim online. Wait for your claim rejection to come in the mail, correct the claim and send it back to AADL for reprocessing. DO NOT create a new claim.

4. When to dispense the benefit requested

Once you receive an AADL confirmed authorization through e-business. Any benefits dispensed prior to receiving confirmation will be the financial responsibility of the vendor.

5. Correct a cost-share claim that should be cost-share exempt

If you have submitted a claim indicating that the client is cost-share, AADL assumes the vendor has collected the cost-share portion from the client. AADL will issue a refund to the client.

6. Find product dispensing information from a previous vendor

Call the AADL Benefit Clerk for that benefit area. They will check the benefit history and the quantity the previous vendor dispensed so you will know how much product to supply.

7. Previous product(s) issued to a client

Under the Inquiry, PHN/catalog you can find out the client's previous consumption for non-consumable benefits. If it is a consumable benefit, please contact the AADL Benefit Clerk for that benefit area.

8. Reports issued on E-Business

One of the functions available on e-business is reports. Users of E-Business can generate reports about claims, authorizations and other reports related to the benefits provided through the AADL program.

The following reports are available:

  • Authorizations in Suspense
  • Open Authorizations
  • Oxygen Therapy Funding Expiry Report
  • Vendor Claims Accepted/Paid
  • Vendor Claim Inquiry by Day
  • Vendor Claim Inquiry by Week
  • Authorizations Created by Day
  • Authorizations Created by Week