Hearing aid vendor questions

1. When is a senior eligible for hearing aid funding through AADL?

A senior is eligible at the beginning of the next month after turning 65. Proof of age is required to register/verify senior status. The client can complete either the Proof of Age Declaration for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan or the Alberta Seniors Benefit Financial Assistance Application.

2. I made a mistake on the audiogram. How can I fix it?

Once you receive the message "Audiogram Added," you cannot fix it. However, you can add another audiogram and put a note, by clicking on the scroll and quill icon in the authorization process to let the benefit area know you made an error and the second audiogram is the correct one.

3. What happens when I click "NEXT" instead of "SAVE" after keying in the audiogram?

The information is lost. Remember to record your authorization number. From the menu choose the Maintain Authorization tab. At Step 3, key in the audiogram data again and click "SAVE". After you get the message “audiogram added”, you can click “NEXT” to continue.

4. I have a client who is on AISH, but the IVR is stating she is cost share. I thought all AISH clients were cost-share exempt?

Yes, all AISH and Income Support clients should be cost-share exempt. However, if they have never received any previous benefits through AADL before, they will come up as cost share. Simply call an AADL client services clerk and they will verify that the client is on one of those programs and update the client.

5. Is the assessment date always the test date?

No. The test date is used on the audiogram (Step 3). At Step 4, the Assessment Date should be the Fitting Date (start of the trial).

6. What is the assessment date for hearing aid repairs and replacement ear molds?

The assessment date is the date the client picked up the repaired aid or earmold and signed the Service Certificate.