Respiratory information for AADL vendors

1. Do not enter ABGs and Oximetry for the same client

Oximetries are to be entered for Pediatric and Palliative clients only or clients who have been prior approved for oximetry by Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL).

2. Oxygen Authorization

Enter the doctor's name and ABGs on the same day.  This facilitates the flow of system generated letters to the client and to the doctor.

3. Catalogue number for a suction machine

For a non-portable unit, enter R491. For a portable unit, enter R492. The rest of the catalogue numbers will be populated.

4. Catalogue number R491 or R492 issues for a new client

If the package information does not appear on the authorization, we recommend you wait to enter the authorization (Steps 4 and 5) until the client status has been confirmed.