Primary health care community profiles

To assist with primary health care planning, Alberta Health has put together community profile reports to provide a broad range of demographic, socio-economic, and population health statistics considered relevant to primary health care for communities across the province. The community profiles, listed below, are intended to highlight areas of need and provide relevant information to support the consistent and sustainable planning of primary health care services.

Alberta Health Services divides the province into 5 large health service Zones, and these Zones are subdivided into smaller geographic areas called Local Geographic Areas (LGAs). The Alberta Health Community Profile reports provide information at the Zone and LGA level for each of the 132 LGAs in Alberta.

Each profile offers an overview of the current health status of the residents in the LGA, indicators of the area’s current and future health needs, and evidence as to which quality services are needed on a timely and efficient basis to address the area’s needs.

Find your community

The Community Profiles are based on LGAs and some Community Profiles contain information for multiple communities. If your community is not listed, select the community nearest to you. Each community is included in the Profile map of each report, which illustrates the boundaries of that LGA.

All community profile reports have been updated for 2017. All previous profiles are also available.