Alberta's Provincial Blood Coordinating Program

The Provincial Blood Coordinating Program (PBCP) makes sure that transfusion services in Alberta are safe, effective and efficient. The PBCP works with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Canadian Blood Services on accountability, quality and safety in the blood system in Alberta.

What the Provincial Blood Coordinating Program does


  • It is the link between AHS and the Government of Alberta regarding blood product management.
  • Participates in provincial transfusion committees.


  • Develops provincial policies and procedures for the use of blood and blood products.
  • Develops a transparent blood inventory system with the ability to track products.
  • Standardizes the transfusion processes throughout the province.


  • Manages the Transfusion Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System (TTISS) Program in Alberta.
  • Together with AHS develops educational materials to promote transfusion safety.


  • Facilitate the adoption of a unified approach to the delivery of transfusion services in the province;
  • Provide leadership and coordination, through the development and implementation of policies, to deliver a blood system that is built on evidence-based clinical practice and responsive to patient needs; and
  • Provide oversight and monitoring to Alberta’s transfusion medicine programs to support a safe, secure and sustainable blood system.

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