Continuing care accommodation and health service standards

Provincial standards for accommodation and health services are designed to ensure home care, supportive living and long-term care operators provide quality health and accommodation related services to their residents.

All continuing care operators, including long-term care facilities and supportive living accommodations, are to comply with the provincial accommodation standards.

Supportive living and long-term care accommodation standards

The long-term care and supportive living accommodation standards address accommodation and accommodation services. These services include building cleanliness and maintenance, safety and security, food preparation and laundry.

Continuing care health service standards

The health service standards address the publicly-funded basic health care and personal care services provided to continuing care clients. This includes assessed health and personal care services provided by nurses, therapists, health care aides and other health care professionals.

The standards have been updated and came into effect April 1, 2016. The information guide is intended to support service provider success in achieving compliance with the 2016 Continuing Care Health Service Standards. The guide gives clear examples of what evidence may be used to demonstrate compliance and lists relevant resources.

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