Continuing Care

Building Communities of Care

A new approach to building continuing care spaces in Alberta is coming. The Building Communities of Care program will ensure spaces are built where they are most needed.

Resident and family councils

Residents of licensed supportive living and long-term care accommodations, and their families, can establish a council to sustain and enhance quality of life for residents.

Alberta’s continuing care system

Alberta’s continuing care system provides Albertans with the health, personal care and accommodation services they need to support their independence and quality of life.

There are 3 setting in which continuing care services provide clients, with different needs, with a broad range of health and personal care, accommodation and hospitality services. Read about these settings –

1. Home living,  2. Supportive living,  3. Facility living

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Dementia strategy and action plan

The Alberta Dementia Strategy and Action Plan outlines goals and steps we can take for improving dementia diagnosis and care while enhancing supports for families, caregivers, friends and communities.

The strategy's vision is a future where Albertans are committed to optimizing brain health and valuing and supporting individuals impacted by dementia from its onset through to end-of-life.

Continuing care public reporting

Long-term care resident profiles