Disease control and prevention

Disease Control and Prevention provides prescription drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis and sexually transmitted disease, at no direct cost to the patient.

Under the authority of the Medical Officer of Health, the Alberta Health Services Communicable Disease Control program is responsible for the public health prevention and control of communicable diseases which are notifiable under the Communicable Disease Regulations of the Public Health Act of Alberta.

Public health strategies to control notifiable communicable diseases include:

  • Preventing infection through education and/or prophylaxis, including immunization.  
  • Minimizing transmission of infection through prompt investigation and follow-up of notifiable communicable diseases incidents and implementation of protective measures.  
  • Providing epidemiologic data for reporting and public health response measures.  
  • Continuous monitoring and surveillance of communicable diseases incidence in the community to readily identify and respond to emerging illnesses or outbreaks of disease.

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