Monthly premium rates for Non-Group coverage

Premiums for Non-Group coverage

The current monthly premium rate for Non-Group coverage is:

Monthly Rates Single Family
Full Premium $63.50 $118.00
Subsidized Premiums $44.45 $82.60

Note: The addition or deletion of family members on your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) account may affect your premium rate. Contact the AHCIP office for more information.


Premiums are billed quarterly by Alberta Blue Cross.

Your Non-Group Coverage will be cancelled if premium payments are not maintained. If cancellation occurs due to non-payment, arrears must be cleared and a new application submitted before coverage can recommence. Coverage will then be reinstated the first day of the fourth month after Alberta Health receives the application.

Premium Subsidy Program

If you are enrolled with the government sponsored Alberta Blue Cross Non-Group Coverage, the Premium Subsidy Program may help lower-income Albertans reduce these premiums. Albertans can apply for a premium subsidy for the current benefit year plus two previous benefit years.

  • You will still pay up to $25 for each prescription purchased.

A benefit year starts April 1 of one year and ends March 30 of the next year. Eligibility for this program is based on taxable income of the registrant and their spouse/partner (if applicable).

Who is eligible to apply for premium assistance?

All residents of Alberta are eligible to apply unless you are:

  • A new or returning resident from outside Canada, who has not yet lived in Alberta for 12 consecutive months;
  • Exempt from paying income tax for religious, charitable or communal reasons;
  • A student from outside Canada who is temporarily in Canada;
  • A senior – 65 years of age or older (seniors are eligible to apply for premium subsidy for premiums billed prior to their 65th birthday).

Apply for premium subsidy

Premium subsidy is based on your taxable income. You are eligible for a subsidized premium based on your taxable income.

  • Find your family category in the chart below.
  • Look at Line 260 from your and your spouse’s/partner’s (if applicable) income tax return (for the year you are applying for).
    • If you did not file an income tax return and were claimed as a spouse, partner or dependant, you must indicate that on the application.

If your combined taxable income (Line 260) is less than the income amount indicated below, you qualify for subsidized premiums.

Category Income
Single less than $20,970
Family – no children less than $33,240
Family – with children less than $39,250

Changes that may affect your eligibility

Your eligibility for premium subsidy may change if:

  • Alberta Health is provided with updated income information by either you or the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • If you add a spouse/partner (due to marriage, etc.) when your premium rates are subsidized, we may require your spouse/partner to complete an application and provide Line 260 of their income tax return to determine your continuing eligibility for premium subsidy.
  • If you delete a spouse/partner (due to divorce, separation, etc.) when your premium rates are subsidized, we will re-assess your continuing eligibility for premium subsidy based on your income and family category.