Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry:

image of ribbon In Alberta, hundreds of people are waiting for an organ or tissue transplant.

Since April 2014, more than 400,000 Albertans have registered their consent to be organ and tissue donors to help save the life or improve the life of another.

Talk with your family and friends about it, and make your wishes known – now is the time to join those Albertans who have already registered their consent.

Organ donation rates have been declining, in part due to decreasing rates of traumatic death and advances in trauma care. These improvements make it more important than ever to ensure that Albertans’ decisions about organ and tissue donation are known.

The Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry ( is a quick and easy way for Albertans to register their decisions in order to increase organ and tissue donor rates in Alberta.

In-person registration at registry agent locations

You can also register in person. Almost all registry agents across Alberta are now providing organ and tissue donor registry services. Albertans receiving or renewing their driver’s licence or ID card will be asked if they wish to register to be an organ and tissue donor. Interested individuals will now be able to add their name and donation choices to the registry.

Talk to your loved ones

It is important you discuss your wishes with your family and friends. They need to know about your choice, and that you want to help improve life for your fellow Albertans.