Supportive living

Resident and family councils

Residents of licensed supportive living and long-term care accommodations, and their families, can establish a council to sustain and enhance quality of life for residents.

What supportive living is

Supportive living provides accommodation in a home-like setting, where people can remain as independent as possible while they have access to accommodation and services that meet their changing needs.

Supportive living serves the needs of a wide range of individuals. Residents in a supportive living setting can range from seniors who require support services due to age, chronic conditions and frailty to young adults with mental health or physical disabilities.

Supportive living accommodations vary by size, appearance and types of services provided. Supportive living includes many different types of settings such as (but not limited to) seniors lodges, group homes, mental health and designated supportive living accommodations.

Each supportive living accommodation is different and not all settings can meet the accommodation and service needs of a resident. To find an accommodation that best meets your needs, meet with a facility operator, tour an accommodation or talk to residents.

More about supportive living

Licensing and accommodation standards

Under the Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act, all supportive living accommodations must be licensed when the operator provides permanent accommodation to four or more adults and the operator provides or arranges for services related to safety and security of the residents as well as at least one meal a day or housekeeping services.

The Alberta government sets provincial accommodation standards, and monitors compliance to the standards through annual site inspections. The standards apply to accommodation and related services such as facility maintenance, meals, housekeeping, and areas that impact a resident’s safety and security. Each accommodation is inspected at least once a year, more often if required.

An operator must meet the accommodation standards to receive a licence under the Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act.

Supportive living costs

In a supportive living accommodation, residents are responsible for paying for their accommodation costs such as room, meals, housekeeping and any optional services that may be offered by the supportive living operator. Additional accommodation services may be included in the basic package or are available for an extra fee to the resident.

Publicly funded health and personal care services provided through the Alberta Health Services Home Care program or in designated supportive living are paid for by the government.