Syrian refugees and health care in Alberta

Syrian refugees coming to Alberta will be supported with the health services they need in their communities. '

Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services are working with community partners, immigration and refugee organizations, and health care providers to ensure that happens.

Health care services for refugees

Information about health services available to refugees, including translated materials:

Register for health care insurance

Syrian refugees arriving in Alberta will immediately have access to health care services. Like anyone moving into the province, they will need to apply for health coverage under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

Until Syrian refugees receive their provincial health care card, they will be covered for up to one year under the Government of Canada’s Interim Federal Health Program. This program repays the cost of care to health-care providers, such as doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies.

Prescription medications listed on the Alberta Drug Benefit List will be covered for Syrian refugees for up to 12 months under the Interim Federal Health Program.

Public health

The health and safety of Syrian refugees – and all Albertans – is a priority.
Before departing for Canada, refugees undergo a full immigration medical examination. Upon arrival, they are further screened for symptoms and signs of infectious disease. These screening processes are provided by the Government of Canada.

In general, Syrian refugees are experiencing health concerns related to having experienced war in their country and difficult living conditions in refugee camps.

Overall, the risk of infectious diseases among this refugee population is considered low. However, health officials will continue to monitor and support their health throughout their resettlement journey.

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